1st Sgt

As last year, the international military competition GRENADIER, organised by WKI/OGW in cooperation with the HQ battalion 7 of the 7th infantry brigade, is going to take place at the military training area of MARWIESEN/Carinthia.
Due to the participation of many foreign soldiers and executive forces this competition has shown a high international significance. Last year soldiers from 15 different nations have participated at GRENADIER. In 2011 Soldiers from 4 nations will be attending staff and cadre.
Besides German and Finish comrades - who already supported us during the last years - also soldiers from the Czech Army will be holding functions concerning the organisation. This international cooperation shows the high reputation of the Austrian armed forces in foreign countries.

In times of changing strategic positions, training and preparation for international missions are getting more and more important. GRENADIER is coping with these tasks perfectly. By bringing together foreign soldiers and executive forces in competition and lived comradeship, understanding for each other due to combined missions is established.

Also at GRENADIER 2011 our foreign comrades are going to be trained in the use of Austrian infantry weapons and equipment. During the competition their knowledge and skills are going to be tested. Properties like high flexibility, team spirit and the ability to work under pressure are required from each competitor.

I am looking forward to an exciting and demanding competition.
Good luck to all participating teams.




contact: bittner@grenadier.at